Workshop: Finding and accessing human genomic data for research 22

Why this workshop

From our experience and research on the topic, we know that many researchers rely on acquiring external data to validate their research findings, but it is usually a problem to find and access the right type of data.

The goal of this workshop is to make researchers in genetics/genomics aware of the existing challenges with genomic data access and reuse and to present a number of tools andresources that researchers can use directly for simplifying their data access workflows.

What we will do

In this workshop, we will discuss the current challenges in data sharing, focusing especially on challenges faced by researchers studying cancer and genetic diseases. During the session we will present a number of tools and resources for finding, accessing and sharing genomic data and discuss the best practices for using data to power your hypothesis testing and maximising your research impact.

Target audience

Researchers in biomedical research at any stage of their research career who use or plan to use external human genomic data in their research (i.e. data from other researchers to compare their results, statistically validate their hypotheses etc) or researchers who would like to know how to make their work more discoverable and impactful.

Please bring your laptops with you!

Workshop is organised by DNAdigest and Open Data team and is sponsored by Repositive.

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Seminar Room G – 17 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX – View Map/8/2016