The Future of Mutational Analysis and Visualisation – TGAC Workshop 15th March

TUE, 15 MAR AT 12:00 – Details and registration here


Currently thousands of new biological datasets and resources are published on an annual basis. Evaluation is difficult as many of the datasets are stored in different formats. Roughly 70% of any data-driven project now involves simply managing data integration, transforming, and cleansing, even before any functional analysis can begin.The blossoming of ‘omics technologies has provided data, which combined with network biology expertise, can be utilised to assess the effect of mutations. There is a need for a platform able to combine mutational analysis with advances in ‘omics and network biology. Accordingly, the latest innovation from The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), the development of the Navigomix Platform addresses these needs.

Navigomix is a stand-alone cloud-based web service for wet lab researchers and systems biologists. It will provide easy to use advanced visualization, multi-layered databases, data integration and evaluation solutions, and network analytical tools for omics datasets. Navigomix is seen as the new paradigm of Systems Biology analytics.

Event focus

Teaser presentations and interactive workshop to explore the functionality of Navigomix and what this futuristic support platform could provide in the era of Systems Biology.

Applicable sectors

Experimental biologists working with ‘omics datasets, Bioinformaticians and Systems Biologists including from Medical Tech, Biotech and Pharma, Healthcare, Veterinary and Plant Sciences