GCC 2015 Programme details

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Tuesday 7 July: Meeting Day 1
The first day of the meeting will feature accepted and lightning talks, and birds-of-a-feather meetups, poster, and sponsor sessions. Formal content will run from approximately 9:00-18:00, with birds-of-a-feather (and Hackathon followup meetings) running in to the evening.

09:00 Welcome and Opening
Session 1
09:15 Keynote Address: Modeling molecular heterogeneity between individuals and single cells – Oliver Stegle, Statistical genomics and systems genetic research group, European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
10:00 Galaxy as backend for TraIT genotype to phenotype studies – Youri Hoogstrate, Erasmus MC Rotterdam
10:15 Enabling large scale Genotype-Tissue Expression studies using Galaxy – Genna Gliner, Princeton University
10:30 Break
Session 2
BioJS2Galaxy: Automatic Conversion of BioJS Visualisation Components into Galaxy Plugins – Sebastian Wilzbach, Technical University of Munich
11:20 Proteomics Visualization in Galaxy – James E Johnson, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota
11:40 Integration and visualization of sequence results across experiments for method development and quality control – Bradley W. Langhorst, New England Biolabs
12:00 GSuite Tools – efficiently manage and analyze collections of genomic data – Boris Simovski, University of Oslo
12:15 Reproducible galaxy: Improved development and administration – Aarif Mohamed Nazeer Batcha
12:30 Lunch
Session 3
State of the Galaxy – Anton Nekrutenko, Penn State University and James Taylor, Johns Hopkins University
14:05 Galaxy and the RNA Bioinformatics Center – Cameron Smith and Torsten Houwaart, University of Freiburg
14:25 Data-Driven Science: Advanced Storage Systems for Genomics Analysis – James Reaney, SGI Corp
15:00 Sponsor Exhibition and Poster Session I
Odd numbered posters
Session 4
Galaxy Tool Shed: Tool Discovery and Repository Management – Martin Čech, Penn State University
16:40 ReGaTE, Registration of Galaxy Tools in Elixir – Olivia Doppelt-Azeroual, Center of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Integrative Biology, Institut Pasteur
17:00 A curated Domain centric shared Docker registry linked to the Galaxy toolshed – François Moreews, Genscale Team, IRISA, and Yvan le Bras, Genouest Bioinformatics facility, INRIA/IRISA
17:15 Lightning Talks Session I
18:00 Break
Dinner (on your own)
Birds-of-a-Feather Flocking
22:00 Finish
Wednesday 8 July: Meeting Day 2
The final day continues the program from the first day, and ends with the Conference Dinner. Formal meeting content will be finished by 18:00.
08:00 Registration Open
09:00 Welcome
Session 5
A galaxy metagenomic workflow for reference-tree based phylogenetic placement (MG-RTPP) – Ambrose Andongabo, Rothamsted Research
09:30 Less Click, More Quick: Unattended Installation of Galaxy’s Built-in Reference Data – Daniel Blankenberg, Pennsylvania State University
09:50 Galaxy flavours – shipped by a whale – Björn Grüning, University of Freiburg
10:10 Planemo – A Galaxy Tool SDK – John Chilton, Penn State University
10:30 Break
Session 6
Galaxy Interactive Environments – a new way to interact with your data – Eric Rasche, Texas A&M University; and Björn Grüning, University of Freiburg
11:20 Opening Galaxy to script execution by everyone – Marius van den Beek, Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine
11:40 Using Galaxy resources from the command line – Clare Sloggett, University of Melbourne
11:55 Integrating Galaxy and Tripal: Cyberinfrastructure for the Genome Community Database – Emily Grau
12:15 Gold Sponsor Presentation
12:30 Lunch
Session 7
Creating dynamic tools with Galaxy ProTo – Boris Simovski, University of Oslo
13:45 Beyond Galaxy: portable workflows and tool definitions with the CWL – Michael R. Crusoe, University of California, Davis
14:05 Extending Galaxy’s reach: recent progress towards complete multi-omic data analysis workflows – Timothy J Griffin, University of Minnesota
14:25 A Genomics Virtual Laboratory in practice – Andrew Lonie, University of Melbourne
14:45 IRIDA: A Genomic Epidemiology Platform Built on top of Galaxy – Aaron Petkau, National Microbiology Laboratory, Winnipeg, Canada
15:00 Sponsor Exhibition and Poster Session II
Even numbered posters
Session 8
Building Galaxy Community VM – Ryota Yamanaka, Genome Science Division, The University of Tokyo
16:40 An initiative to federate the galactic community in France: the IFB Galaxy Working Group – Olivier INIZAN, INRA URGI Versailles; Gildas LE CORGUILLE, CNRS-UPMC Station Biologique de Roscoff; Alban LERMINE, Institut Curie Paris
Lightning Talks Session II
18:00 Break
Conference Dinner