An introduction to working with a relational database using SQL – Workshop (19/1/16)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016
9:00 AM to 4:45 PM
The King’s Centre
King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH, Norwich (map)

Price: GBP99.00 /per person

Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: Laptop

This one day workshop is designed to provide a familiarity with basic RDBMS concepts and the syntax required to construct simple SQL statements used to create, manipulate and report upon database records.

The workshop will be problem-centred and attendees will be invited to think about example problems in order to facilitate their appreciation of what a database is and why databases are used.

Once the basic concepts have been introduced, the remainder of the day will entail hands on practice writing and testing SQL statements using a database client program (Postgres). A worksheet will be provided to help guide this process. There will also be time for breaks and joint questions.

Attendees should be comfortable with running desktop applications (e.g. using Microsoft Word or Excel). No specialist knowledge is required to attend. Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops with them. As a preliminary to the workshop, attendees who do not have the relevant software installed will be guided through the installation process. Attendees will therefore need their relevant passwords to authenticate installation.